The planning of the BMO-JBMO and SEEMOUS competitions by the MASSEE is updated on 4 June 2022
The Mathematical Society of Sarajevo Canton and the Mathematical Society of South-Eastern Europe organize the 26th Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad – JBMO 2022. The JBMO 2022 will be a face-to-face event in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from June 28 to July 3, 2022. The site for JBMO2022 competition:
The 16th South-Eastern European Mathematical Competition for University Students with International Participation (SEEMOUS 2022) to be held on May 27th to 1st June 2022 in Belgrade, Servia. The site for SEEMOUS competition:
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The EMS Education Committee announces the organization of its first Mathematics Summer School for talented/gifted students in mathematics.
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