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From 15th to 21st of September 2003, in Borovetz, Bulgaria, the first Congress of the recently founded Mathematical Society of South-Eastern Europe was held.

The idea to have a mathematical society comprising mathematicians from Balkan countries goes back to the early decades of the last century. In September 1934 the firstInterbalkan Mathematical Congress took place in Athens. It was decided to start a new journal focused on the region. The first Balkan mathematical journal Revue Mathematique de l'Union Interbalkanique appeared in 1936 and in 1938. The second Interbalkan Mathematical Congress took place in September 1937 in Bucharest. During that Congress the Interbalkan Union of Mathematicians was founded. The Second World War and the Cold War years after that were not good for the collaboration between the Balkan countries. The first contacts and discussions to revive the union started in 1956.

In September 1966, during the third Congress of Balkan Mathematicians (held again in Bucharest), the statute of the Balkan Mathematical Union (BMU) was adopted and the activities revived. The 70's were the golden era for the Balkan Mathematical Union . The Fourth Congress (Istanbul 1971), the fifth Congress (Belgrade 1974), several conferences and symposiums, Balkaniads for university students and for young researchers, scientific sessions during the meetings of the Executive Council of UBM, etc. The publication of a new journal named "Mathematica Balkanica" was started. It was published by the Union of Mathematicians, Physicists and Astronomers of Yugoslavia and edited by Academician Djuro Kurepa (vol.1, 1971 - vol.6, 1980). In accordance with the decision of the Executive Council of the BMU (July 1984) in 1987, the National Committee for Mathematics of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences started the publication of Mathematica Balkanica - New Series, edited by Academician Blagovest Sendov. Since then the journal was regularly published and 20 volumes appeared till 2006.

After a period of inactivity for UBM, lasting more than a decade, and responding to a profound desire of the Balkan mathematicians, the Mathematical Societies of the Balkan countries decided to revive the activities of the Balkan Mathematical Union and to establish a new organization: Mathematical Society of South-Eastern Europe (MASSEE). MASSEE is aiming at the continuation of the activities and the traditions of the Balkan Mathematical Union.

At the MASSEE Congress it was decided to continue the publication of Mathematica Balkanica - New Series under the auspices of MASSEE. Due to Academician Sendov's new engagements, he retired from the position of Editor-in-Chief, but still contributes as the Honorary Editor-in-Chief of the journal. Academician Kenderov was appointed by the Executive Council of MASSEE the new Editor-in-Chief of Mathematica Balkanica . A new Editorial Board is in process of constituting. It enlists members of the Scientific Committee of the MASSEE Congress.