The planning of the SEEMOUS-BMO-JBMO by the MASSEE is updated on 30 March 2019
Supported by  SEEMOUS2016 - FINAL RESULTS  - Click HERE to download (PDF File)  SEEMOUS2016 PROBLEMS - Click HERE to download (PDF File)  First announcement and Invitation - Click HERE to download (PDF File)  FINAL Programme - Click HERE  to download (PDF File) - Updated 20.2.16  Programme content information - Click HERE to download (PDF File)  Hotel Addresses - Click HERE to view (PDF File)  Regulations - Click HERE to download (PDF File)  Registration Form - Click HERE to download (Word File)  Airport Transfer form/Travel details - Click HERE to download (Word File)  SEEMOUS 2016 Organizer contact information…
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South Eastern European Mathematical Olympiad for University Students, SEEMOUS Competition Problems from Previous years - Click here